Why is Valentine's Day Celebrated, Know The History Of This Day

The month of February is very special for people in love. In this month people are seen colored in the colors of love. Valentine Week, which started with Rose Day, is going to end today with Valentine's Day.

This day of love is celebrated with great pomp. Valentine Week starts from 7th February and ends with Valentine's Day on 14th February. But do you know what is the history of this day celebrated on 14th February and why Valentine's Day is celebrated only on 14th.

The story of celebrating Valentine's Day is linked to Saint Valentine of Rome. In fact, it is believed that Roman King Claudius was strictly against love, because he believed that if soldiers started falling in love, their minds would get distracted from work and this would weaken the Roman army. This was the reason why he had banned soldiers from marrying. On the other hand, Saint Valentine used to preach love. Not only this, he also got many people married by going against the king.

Saint Valentine proved King Claudius's belief wrong by arranging people's marriages, due to which the King of Rome sentenced him to death. After this, Saint Valentine was hanged on 14th February and the celebration of Valentine's Day started from the same day. From this day itself, the trend of celebrating the day of love on 14th February started across the world including Rome, which continues even today.

Valentine's Day originated from a Roman festival. Valentine's Day was celebrated for the first time in the world in 496. After this, in the fifth century, Pope Gelasius of Rome announced to celebrate February 14 as Valentine's Day.

From this day onwards, 14 February started being celebrated as Valentine's Day with great pomp every year all over the world including Rome. Not only this, mass marriages are also organized on this day in many cities of Rome.