Why is Teddy Day Celebrated in Valentine's Week?

As we all know that Valentine Week of the year 2024 has started from 7th February. Valentine Week is celebrated till 14th February.

Today Teddy Day is celebrated on 10th February. On this day people express their love by giving teddy to their partner. The purpose behind celebrating Teddy Day is to make your partner feel special, but do you know why Teddy Day is celebrated in Valentines Week?

Teddy Day is celebrated on 10th February, the fourth day of Valentine's Day week. Couples are very excited to celebrate Teddy Day and gift a cute teddy to their partner.

It is said that 'Teddy Day' is celebrated in the name of American President Theodore Teddy Roosevelt. Because he once refused to kill an animal during a trip, he had a teddy bear made in its place.

To celebrate Teddy Day, it is considered best to gift a teddy in the morning. Along with gifting a teddy to your partner, you can also write a lovely note to it.

Girls like soft toys very much. Some people like small teddies and some like big teddies. That is why you can gift a teddy of your partner's choice by purchasing it from the market. Any lovely note, greeting, rose etc. can be given along with the teddy.