Valentine's Week Full List  2024

February 7 - Rose Day

The week begins with Rose Day, where people express their feelings by exchanging roses. Different colored roses symbolize different emotions, with red roses being the most common symbol of love.

February 8 - Propose Day

On this day, individuals take the opportunity to express their romantic feelings and propose to their loved ones. It's a day to make or respond to romantic proposals.

February 9 - Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day is all about the sweet indulgence of chocolates. People gift chocolates to their loved ones as a gesture of sweetness and affection.

February 10 - Teddy Day

Teddy Day is a day to gift soft and cuddly teddy bears to your special someone. These fluffy companions symbolize comfort and warmth in a relationship.

February 11 - Promise Day

This day is dedicated to making promises and commitments to your partner. It's a time to reflect on the commitments you want to make for a lasting and meaningful relationship.

February 12 - Hug Day

Hugging is a universal expression of love and comfort. On this day, people exchange warm hugs to convey their affection and emotional support.

February 13 - Kiss Day

The day before Valentine's Day is reserved for expressing love through kisses. Couples celebrate by exchanging kisses, which can range from sweet pecks to more passionate embraces.

February 14  Valentine's Day

Finally, Valentine's Day is celebrated on 14th February, marking the culmination of the week-long celebration of love.