After all, why is Valentine's Day celebrated only on 14 February, know the history behind it

Valentine's Day is considered love day. Valentine's Day is celebrated in most countries. On this day, couples express their feelings to their partners.

There are many stories prevalent about this day but have you ever wondered why only 14th was chosen for this day instead of 12th, 13th or 15th. Know the special reason behind this.

This day started with Roman celebrations. According to the book titled 'Orea of Jacobus de Varizzan', there was a priest in Rome, a saint named Jole. He believed in promoting love in the world. For him love was life.

But Roman King Claudius did not like what the priest said at all. The King of Rome believed that love and marriage affect the intelligence and strength of men. For this reason, soldiers and officers living in the king's kingdom could not marry.

Despite the opposition of the king, Saint Valentine inspired the people of Rome towards love and marriage so that love could be promoted.

Inspired by this, many soldiers and officers living in the king's kingdom got married and moved forward with their lives. Angered by this, the king hanged the priest Saint Valentine on February 14, 269 BC. Since that day, every year this day is celebrated as the day of love i.e. Valentine's Day.