When Dhoni posted this cryptic message, there was a stir on social media regarding Mahi's "new role"

Wherever Dhoni (MS Dhoni) stands, the attraction stops there. Be it the world of the field, outside the field or outside the stadium. And the situation on social media is such that if anything has to happen, it already comes out and discussion starts on it.

With only a few days left for the Indian Premier League (IPL 2024) edition to begin, Dhoni (MS Dhoni new Role) made such a mysterious post on Facebook that it was instantly viral from one platform to another. Going viral. And his fans are discussing various things.

Even before the start of IPL (IPL 2024), the Chennai captain is looking very fit and slim and the proof of this is clearly visible from the pictures from the recent event of the Ambani family.

Dhoni's big fans are saying after seeing his slim-trim body that "Mahi will finish where she started." Meaning, they believe that Dhoni, who was a light batsman in the beginning of his career, will shine in a different style this time in the edition which is going to start this month.

However, as soon as Dhoni posted the message, his fans gathered in large numbers on social media. Various types of discussions are taking place. It remains to be seen what the new role is.