Top 7  Finished Basement Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Choose a Moody Shade 

If you're lacking light in the basement, lean into the darkness by painting the walls in a moody shade

Entertain with a Dry Cocktail Bar

Turn your basement into the ultimate entertaining space with a cocktail bar.  

Build a Library

There’s something about bookcases filled with your favorite novels that create a wholesome and comforting feel in a room. 

Paint an Accent Wall

This easy and inexpensive color-blocking technique will add depth and interest to your plain, flat basement walls.  

Create a Home Office

Basements are removed from the hustle and bustle of daily domestic life, often making them one of the quietest spaces in the house.  

Cozy Basement Fireplace

Create the ultimate space to hunker down with your latest page-turner. Adding a fireplace to the basement 

Add a Kitchenette

If you frequently have overnight guests and have a spare en-suite bedroom in your basement, installing a small kitchenette might make sense for you.