Best 7 Mantel Decor Ideas That Make Your Fireplace a Focal Point

Layered Mantel Decor

Layer a piece of art, a mirror, and decorative accents on your mantel to give it personality and interest.

Three-Piece Mantel Vignette

Think in odd numbers when assembling a vignette to display on your mantel. For an interesting grouping, pick three decorative items  

Simple Mantel Decor

Allow a beautiful stone fireplace to stand out by keeping the mantel decor simple. Instead of an overly decorative setup that can appear cluttered .

Vintage-Inspired Mantel Decor 

A grouping of three antique decor pieces adds vintage-inspired flair to this neutral colored mantel. A tall metal urn, a delicately carved vase .

Seasonal Mantel Decor

Instead of a traditional symmetrical display, go off-center and create a seasonal vignette on one side of the mantel.  

Neutral Mantel Decor 

For mantel decor that can stay up year round with just a few small tweaks for various holidays, opt for neutral colors and decorative elements. 

Color-Drenched Mantel 

Color drenching a room makes it extra cozy and even more so if it houses a wood burning fireplace.