Best 7 Creative Ways to Display Art

Layer Contrasting Piece

To underscore large art, prop smaller artworks and treasures on a shelf or table below it.  

Determine a Theme

Lack a knack for arranging art so it feels composed not cluttered? Antiques dealer and design consultant Tori Jones suggests sticking to a theme. 

Don't Be Confined by Space

An herbarium (framed dried plant specimens) creeps around windows in Jones’ seasonal Block Island shop, proving that a collection of small art can make a statement even when wall space is limited. 

Extend Art to the Kitchen

Treat your kitchen shelves as still lifes by artistically grouping dishware and letting a few pieces of framed art make a cameo.  

Utilize Mirror

Let a mirror be the backdrop for personal mementos. Tuck or tape photos and ephemera into the frame and on the wall behind it. 

Gallery Wall 

Create a gallery wall by arranging multiple pieces of art in a visually appealing layout. Mix and match different sizes, shapes, and styles of artwork to add interest.  

Hanging Planters 

Incorporate hanging planters into your art display for a unique and natural look. Hang artwork from hooks attached to the ceiling or wall-mounted brackets .