Republic Day Decoration Ideas For Office

National Symbols

Display images or cutouts of national symbols such as the Ashoka Chakra, the national emblem, and the national flag.

Creative Rangoli

Create a tricolor rangoli at the entrance using flower petals, colored rice, or chalk.

Desk Decor

Encourage employees to decorate their desks with tricolor accessories.

Bulletin Board Display

Design a bulletin board with Republic Day messages, quotes, and information about the significance of the day.

Cultural Corner

Set up a small cultural corner showcasing traditional Indian artifacts, such as miniature flags, handicrafts, or traditional clothing.

Flag Arrangement

Arrange small flags in decorative patterns or shapes in common areas.

Flag-themed Treats

Arrange for tricolor snacks and treats in the office pantry or common areas, such as tricolor sandwiches, sweets, or beverages.