Ideas For Republic Day Celebration in School

Flag Hoisting Ceremony

Start the day with the hoisting of the national flag by a dignitary or a respected teacher.

Cultural Programs

Organize cultural programs that showcase the diversity of the country through dance, music, and drama performances.

Speeches and Debates

Arrange for speeches by students on the significance of Republic Day, the Constitution, and the values of democracy.

Patriotic Art and Craft

Organize an art and craft competition where students can create patriotic artwork such as flags, symbols, and posters.

Essay Writing Competition

Hold an essay writing competition on topics related to the Constitution, democracy, and the importance of being a responsible citizen.

Interactive Workshops

Organize workshops on democratic values, civic duties, and the history of the country.

DIY Paper Crafts

Organize a craft session where students can make paper crafts related to Republic Day, such as tricolor paper flowers, paper flags, or origami peacocks.