Republic Day Decoration Ideas For School

Tri-Color Balloon Arch

Create an arch at the entrance using balloons in the colors of the Indian flag - saffron, white, and green.

National Flag Backdrop

Design a large backdrop featuring the Indian national flag. You can use cloth, paper, or even eco-friendly materials

Classroom Door Decorations

Encourage students to decorate their classroom doors with patriotic themes.

Bulletin Boards

Use bulletin boards to showcase information about the Constitution, freedom fighters, and the significance of Republic Day.

Rangoli Art

Create rangoli designs with patriotic themes in the school courtyard or entrance.

Freedom Wall

Dedicate a wall where students can express their thoughts, feelings, and gratitude towards the country.

Historical Timeline Display

Set up a timeline display showcasing the important events leading up to the formation of the Indian Republic.

DIY Paper Crafts

Organize a craft session where students can make paper crafts related to Republic Day.

Cultural Corner

Create a corner that represents the diverse cultures of India. Display traditional artifacts, costumes.

Patriotic Quotes

Decorate walls with inspiring quotes from prominent Indian leaders. Use colorful fonts and designs to make them visually appealing.