Indulge in Opulence: 7 Maharaja Sofa Designs to Rule Your Living Room

Teak, plush velvet, and intricate carvings for a timeless royal look.

Carved Teakwood Regalness:

Gold accents, brocade upholstery, and precious stone embellishments for the ultimate luxury.

Gilded Opulence:

Ivory wood, delicate carvings, and soft silk for an air of timeless elegance.

Ethereal Ivory:

Patchwork of jewel-toned velvet fabrics for a colorful and statement-making set.

Vibrant Jewel Box:

Clean lines, geometric patterns, and rich colors for a contemporary twist.

Modern Maharaja:

Lush floral motifs on upholstery and subtle carvings for a serene atmosphere.

Char Bagh Garden:

Iridescent peacock blue, hand-painted motifs, and feather carvings for exotic flair.

Peacock Paradise: