7 Easy DIY Furniture home decor ideas

Pallet coffee table

– Sand down pallets, paint/stain. – Attach casters (optional). – Add glass top for protection/style.

Ladder bookshelf

– Lean vintage or new ladder against wall. – Add shelves from wood, plywood, or baskets  – Paint/stain ladder to match decor.

DIY headboard

– Use wood, upholstery, or old doors. – Get creative with materials and design!

Rope hammock

– Tie thick rope to dowels. – Secure to porch/patio with hooks/eyebolts. – Add pillows and blankets for comfort.

Tire ottomans

– Glue plywood to top of old tire. – Add foam and fabric for cushioning. – Attach casters for mobility (optional)

Cinder block bench

– Stack cinder blocks to desired height. – Secure with mortar/glue. – Add plywood top and padding for seat. – Paint/stain cinder blocks (optional).

Reclaimed wood wall art

– Arrange reclaimed wood on wall in desired design. – Secure with nails/screws. – Paint/stain wood to match decor (optional).