Discover The 7 Secrets Behind Saharanpur's Mesmerizing Wooden Handicrafts Furniture

For generations, families in Saharanpur have passed down the art of wood carving from father to son, fostering a deep-rooted tradition of skill and expertise.

Legacy of Skillful Artisans

The Sheesham wood and teak wood carving style is renowned for its intricate geometric patterns and delicate floral motifs.

Unique Carving Styles

The variety is impressive, from furniture pieces like chairs, tables, and cabinets to decorative items like jewellery boxes, picture frames, and figurines.

Diverse Range of Products

Teak wood, known for its natural strength, rich grain, and resistance to termite infestation, is a popular choice.

High-Quality Wood

They source wood from responsibly managed forests and employ techniques that minimize waste and environmental impact.

Sustainable Practices

The Indian government recognizes the significance of Saharanpur's wood carving tradition and provides support through various initiatives.

Government Support

Saharanpur's wooden handicrafts have garnered international acclaim for their artistry and quality. They are exported to various countries around the world, adorning homes and adding a touch of Indian heritage to diverse spaces.

Global Recognition