Best 7 Ways to Make Your Basement Walls Beautiful

Brighten with Color

Create a focal wall in your basement by painting a single stretch with a bold, warm color.

Create a Giant Message Board

If humidity and moisture are not an issue in your basement hobby room or office, turn one wall into an oversized message board. 

Leave Brick Exposed

If your home's foundation walls are brick instead of the more common poured concrete or concrete block, you have a prime opportunity. 

Embrace Your Rustic Side 

Warm pine tongue-and-groove siding enhances the woodsy look of this stone fireplace, giving the basement a rustic log-cabin feel.  

Upcycle Old Yardstick

If you want every inch of your basement to feel distinctive, steal this creative—and inexpensive .

Paint a Lively Grid 

If your walls are straight and plumb, brighten a basement playroom with a grid of colorful rectangles. 

Refresh a Block Wall with Paint

If your concrete-block basement walls are dry and free of efflorescence (i.e. salt deposits) or mold, coat them with a masonry sealer or all .