Best 7  Tray Ceiling Ideas That Will Instantly Elevate Any Room

Coastal Style Tray Ceiling 

If you love the idea of including a bright color in a room but aren't sold on covering the walls with it, limit it to the recessed part of the ceiling.

Wallpapered Tray Ceiling 

This eclectic yet elegant living space is full of bold colors and mixed textures, so it's fitting that the statement ceiling design will make guests do a double take.  

Entryway Tray Ceiling Ideas 

Another example of a subtle accent ceiling design, this gilded tray ceiling welcomes visitors as soon as they enter the foyer.  

Circular Tray Ceiling 

Create the ultimate wow factor in a small dining area by pairing a round, deep recessed ceiling with adjoining walls painted in a bright jewel tone. 

Subtle Tray Ceiling 

When decorating a space with a bold wall design, keep the tray ceiling a plain white paint color. It will allow the remainder of the space to take center stage. 

Tray Ceiling Focal Point 

If you’re only able to carve out a small area to invert the ceiling, make it stand out. This tray ceiling revolves around an Art Deco-style light fixture in this home’s hallway.  

Color-Drenched Tray Ceiling 

If you’ve ever seen a kitchen countertop seamlessly blend with the backsplash, you’re aware of its clean, waterfall effect.