Best 10 Gallery Wall Ideas That Feel Modern and Timeless

Gallery Wall for a Small Space

Hanging a gallery wall in a small space can expand the room more than if you hung a single piece art. Small and medium pieces will work best, unless you plan on filling the whole wall.

Large-Scale Art Grid 

Hang large art in a grid of matching frames for an oversized gallery wall that works in modern and traditional spaces. The art can be simple, such as these contour sketches .

Midcentury Gallery Wall 

One way to make your style pop is to use from a particular era to enhance the effect of furniture or architecture. This gallery wall features modern art and photography that complement the midcentury furniture and decor. 

Nature-Inspired Wall Art 

If you love nature, or are looking for inexpensive art, framing leaves is an easy way to create art for a gallery wall. Collect leaves on your walks or travels, and press them using wax paper or newspaper.  

Small Gallery Wall 

You can have a gallery wall even if you only have a few items. Ground the space by hanging similarly sized art in opposite corners, then fill in with smaller pieces.  

Eclectic Gallery Wall 

Combining large pieces of art may feel intimidating, but it makes a tremendous impact in any space. 

Stick to a Theme 

A gallery wall of landscapes can truly give you a sense of being outside. Make the natural greens and blues pop with a neutral background, such as the white paint and dark trim of this foyer.