7 Favorite Brass Decor Ideas To Try In Your Home

Install Brass Sconces 

Borrow a page from the midcentury modern playbook, and install brass sconces in your home. Sconces are an easy way to add light and warmth to a tight space like a hallway, bathroom, or reading nook.

Try a Brass Bed Frame 

onsider using a brass bed frame the next time you update your bedroom. Brass is known for its durability and style—two traits you want in a long-lasting bed.  

Add a Collection of Candlesticks 

Candlesticks are one of the easiest and most versatile ways to incorporate brass into your home. Place brass candlesticks (either a single candlestick or in groups of three) on bookshelves or your mantel. 

Match Brass Fixtures 

Give your bathroom a clean yet cozy feel by adding new brass accents. First, switch out drawer hardware for brass designs, and incorporate matching towel holders and wall sconces.  

Decorate with Brass Frames and Accents 

Trading out wooden frames for brass is a simple yet effective update. Thrift brass frames from vintage stores, and fill them with personal photos or prints from online. 

Brass Statement Piece

It's no wonder why homeowners have been incorporating brass light fixtures into their homes for decades. With a brass finish, a light fixture of any style gets to shine.  

Brass Flatware

Elevate your place settings by swapping out your utensils for brass flatware. Not only does brass flatware have a clean and elegant look, but it also brings more color to the table.