Best 7  Stylish Dressing Room Ideas

Custom Dressing Room

To get the look of a built-in, custom dressing room for less, consider the details. This vanity table is wrapped in the same base molding as the walls and painted the same color, making the space look custom.

Dressing Room Wardrobe

Deciding between closed and open storage in your dressing room may come down to budget, as open hanging rods are less expensive than a closet system. 

Dressing Room Wallpaper

If you want your dressing room to energize you as you get ready for the day, choose a graphic wallpaper print.  

Find Space for a Dressing Table 

A dressing table can really go anywhere there's good lighting. This vanity is tucked into a hallway, where it gets good light and makes use of a space that might otherwise go empty. 

Implement Smart Storage

Combine smart storage and style in your dressing room. This space has a range of storage types—a shoe display, square shelves, and hanging storage—with details that make the room feel feminine and soft.  

Luxurious Dressing Room

Baroque millwork stuns in this narrow dressing room, but there's much more to be inspired by. The cubby-style cut-outs for clothes can easily be emulated by an experienced DIY-er or hired carpenter .

Add a Bright Paint Color

Match the paint color to the colors of your clothing, simply choose a color you like This room is supposed to be fun, after all! Here, a soothing dose of all-over aqua mixes well with block print curtains and white accents.