Best 7  Spring Decor Swaps to Refresh Your Home on a Budget

Swap Out Lampshade

Swapping out an old lampshade for a fresh new one can change your lamp's entire look. 

Use Fresh Duvet Covers and Sheets

Swap out your heavy quilt and flannel sheets for a lighter set. Choose a sheet set in a more breathable fabric (cotton and bamboo are best for cooling and moisture-wicking) to prepare for warm spring nights.  

Switch Up Framed Artwork

Switching out artwork might seem like an obvious choice, but updating your gallery wall can completely change the feel of a space.  

Add New Covers to Throw Pillow

Instead of buying new throw pillows for your couch and bed each season, build a collection of four to five zip-up pillow covers that can be swapped out during the year. 

Swap Out Place Settings and Centerpiece

Few decor pieces beat a beautifully-set table. Swap out winter-theme pinecone and evergreen centerpieces for a collection of fresh flowers, floral linens, and bright dishes. 

Use a New Scent

While home fragrances technically aren't home decor, they can drastically affect your home feels.  

Change Up Your Coffee Table Book

One of the simplest ways to refresh your living area is by switching up your coffee table decor.