Best 7  Ways to Try the Ceiling Maximalism Trend

Coffered Ceiling 

Make a timeless statement with a coffered ceiling that instantly infuses a space with historic charm. The classic architectural detail adds a linear pattern in the form of square, rectangular, or other shaped

Rustic Wood Beams 

Rustic wood beams mounted on a wood planked ceiling add ample warmth to this heart of the home. The perpendicular layering creates visual interest while maintaining a consistent look, and the woods' warmth is amplified through crisp white cabinetry and cool slate floor tile. 

Dark Ceiling

Instead of using a dark paint color on the walls, flip the script and keep the walls white while adorning the ceiling with a moody shade. 

Wallpaper Ceiling

Transform a white kitchen with a bold wallpaper pattern on the ceiling. This one moment of surprise immediately takes the space from standard builder-grade to high-end design. 

Vaulted Ceiling with Wood Beam

Highlight the grandeur of a vaulted ceiling with wood beams that expose a striking architectural frame while infusing the space with old-world charm. 

Painted Porch Ceiling

Create the illusion of blue skies by adding a splash of light blue paint to your porch ceiling. Most commonly seen in the south and sometimes referred to as haint blue .

Lacquered Ceiling 

For the ultimate "wow" factor, use a shiny, high-gloss finish on your ceiling. "A lacquered ceiling—either using paint or wallpaper—can visually double the height of the room .