Best 7  Bedroom Wall Ideas That Add Style and Character

Painted Headboard

In a small bedroom where you can only fit a bed frame, get creative and paint the headboard directly on the wall.

Layered Neutral

When working with a neutral color palette in a bedroom, layer contrasting patterns, textures, and materials to add visual interest. 

Minimalist Bedroom Wall Decor

Take a minimalist decorating approach to bedroom walls by painting them crisp white and hanging a single statement piece of wall decor. 

Two-Tone Wall

A two-tone design gives these traditional picture molding-adorned bedroom walls a modern edge. 

Painted Geometric Mural

Paint a geometric mural above the wall as an alternative to a headboard.  

Ombre Wallpaper

Keep the space light and integrate the ombre wall with the rest of the room by painting the surrounding walls the same shade as the lightest portion of the wallpaper. 

Urban Jungle Theme

Incorporate the urban jungle trend into a bedroom with a dramatic leaf print wallpaper. Here, the nature-themed wallpaper sets the scene for a tropical paradise-inspired bedroom .