Best 10  Round Bed for Living Room India 

Royal Round Bed in White and Gold Polish 

Royal white round bed with carved crown headboard, tufted silk backrest, and 2 silver-highlighted side tables.

Delightful Wooden Round Bed in White Polish

Elegant round wooden bed with light pink upholstered headboard and ample storage in its 2 side tables.

Luxurious Round Bed Fully Carved in Teak 

The Luxurious Round Bed Fully Carved in Teak is a handcrafted, solid teak bed with a stylish basket design footboard and tufted headboard.

Royal Carved Round Bed in Antique Gold 

Handcrafted, antique gold carved round bed for a luxurious and regal bedroom feel.

Super Luxurious Round Bed

The Super Luxurious Round Bed YT-544 is a handcrafted, king-size round bed made of solid teak wood with intricate carvings.

Royal Round Bed Top Luxury

The Royal Round Bed Top Luxury is a handcrafted, intricately carved teakwood bed fit for royalty, with a diameter of 8 feet and a height of 7 feet.

Victorian Carved Round Bed in Antique Gold Polish

Ornate Victorian round bed with hand-carved headboard, antique gold finish, and matching floral motifs.

Aarsun Round Bed with Stylish Grey Fabric

Handcrafted round bed with tufted grey silk fabric headboard and footrest, offering a luxurious and regal feel.

Majestic Gold Round Bed

Luxurious gold round bed creates a regal sleeping sanctuary with ample storage and matching nightstands.

Ultra Luxurious Round Bed in Gold

Handcrafted king-size round bed in solid teak with intricate carvings and antique gold accents.