8 Best false ceiling designs for your living room

Green Oasis

Integrate living plants into your false ceiling design for a touch of biophilia and a unique conversation starter.

Skylight Surprise

Let the natural light in and bring the outdoors in with strategically placed skylights.

Rustic Charm

Expose wood beams and trusses for a cozy, cabin-like feel in a spacious living room.

Backlit Clouds

Create a dreamy atmosphere with soft, backlit panels that resemble fluffy clouds.

Metallic Accents

Add a touch of glamour with gold, silver, or copper panels that reflect light and add visual interest.

Color Blocking Fun

Play with bold, contrasting hues in geometric shapes for a playful and modern vibe.

Starry Night Sky

Recreate the cosmos with tiny fiber optic lights twinkling against a dark painted ceiling.

Coffered Elegance

Channel classic sophistication with recessed squares or diamonds framed by moldings.