7 Amazing Upgrades for Your Home Dining Experience

Revamp Black and White

The dining room showcases multiple finishes and materials with an airy, cool flair.

Honor Passed-Down Furniture

The gray-blue patina looks beautiful next to the chrome chairs and green-gray wall paint.

Bookcase the Centerpiece

The entire bookcase so that your eye moves around." The result, she adds, "showcases a refined taste and love for a curated life."

Paint It Dark Green

The deep green walls of this dining room designed by Gillian Segal of Gillian Segal Interior Design create mystery and intrigue.

Reupholster the Furniture

AThe high-gloss finish of the deep berry blue walls reflects the ornate chandelier.

Consider a Japandi Makeover

Natural light enters through the clerestory windows and plays on the plants, wood, and organic materials.

Consider a Japandi Makeover

It's easy to fill wall niches in your dining room with decor, but you can emphasize them even more with a simple wallcovering.