10 Different Types of Wood To Use for Furniture in India

Teak Wood

The king of hardwoods, prized for its durability, natural oils that repel pests and weather, and warm honey-brown hue.

Sheesham (Indian Rosewood)

Strong, reddish-brown wood with a beautiful grain, perfect for heavy furniture like beds and dining tables.

Mango Wood

Sustainable and budget-friendly, mango wood has a unique streaked pattern and a light, honey-like scent.

Sal wood furniture

Similar to teak in strength and weather resistance, sal wood has a coarser grain and a reddish-brown color.

Mahogany wood furniture

Luxurious and versatile, mahogany has a deep reddish-brown color, fine grain, and takes stains beautifully.

Neem wood furniture

Known for its anti-bacterial properties, neem wood is lightweight, affordable, and looks great with a natural finish.

Deodar Cedar Wood

Aromatic and naturally pest-resistant, deodar cedar is perfect for chests, wardrobes, and other storage furniture.

Rubberwood Furniture

Eco-friendly and sustainable, rubberwood has a light golden color, smooth texture, and is surprisingly strong.

Wenge wood furniture

A stunning dark wood with almost black streaks, wenge is a bold choice for contemporary furniture and accents.

Sagwan wood furniture

Sagwan wood has a deep golden-brown color and a beautiful straight-grain form. This Sagwan wood furniture feels excellent.