10 Wonderful Homes with Modern Interior Design


Sun-drenched sanctuary

Floor-to-ceiling windows blur the lines between indoors and outdoors in this light-filled Australian abode.

Mid-century marvel

A Palm Springs gem showcasing restored terrazzo floors, pops of turquoise, and iconic furnishings.

Industrial elegance

Exposed brick walls and sleek metal accents create a dramatic backdrop for minimalist decor in this New York loft.

Treetop retreat

A Scandinavian-inspired cabin nestled amidst the pines, featuring cozy fireplaces and panoramic forest views.

Zen oasis

A Japanese-influenced haven promoting tranquility with tatami mats, shoji screens, and a serene water garden.

High-tech haven

Smart home technology seamlessly integrates into the sleek lines and futuristic vibe of this Los Angeles dwelling.

Earthy escape

A Moroccan-inspired riad with intricate tilework, handcrafted furniture, and a central courtyard exuding charm.

Coastal cool

Whitewashed walls, driftwood accents, and pops of nautical blue evoke a laid-back beach vibe in this Malibu home.

Rustic refinement

Reclaimed wood and natural stone lend warmth and texture to this contemporary farmhouse nestled in the countryside.

Urban jungle

Lush greenery spills indoors, creating a vibrant oasis amidst the concrete landscape of this urban penthouse.