10 Vastu Tips for Temples: Attract Positive Energy and Deepen Your Connection with the Divine


Ideal: North-East corner (Ishaan corner) or East direction (facing West). Avoid: Bedroom, basement, under stairs, near toilets, or walls directly touching the toilet.


 Material: Wood or marble are ideal. Wooden temples should have a dome.  Height: Elevated platform so the deity's feet are at the worshipper's chest level.

Idols and Pictures

No broken idols: Remove and immerse them respectfully. Placement: Idols should not touch the back wall, and pictures of Gods/Goddesses should only be in the temple room. Avoid: Pictures of departed ancestors in the temple room.


Smaller than the main house entrance. Doors should open inwards


Ghee lamp kept lit 24/7 is auspicious. Diya in the South-East corner for positive energy and financial stability.

Cleanliness and Decoration

Keep the temple clean and clutter-free. Use light colors like blue or yellow for positive vibes. Decorate with fresh flowers and incense sticks.

Prayer Practices

Pray regularly, ideally with family members. Maintain a positive and respectful attitude during prayers. Sit on a mat or carpet while praying.

Other Avoidances

Don't keep heavy objects above the temple. Don't place footwear near the temple. Don't store anything unrelated to prayer in the temple.

Temple Maintenance

Regularly clean and polish the idols. Change the water in flower vases daily. Keep temple doors closed when not in use.


Vastu is a guide, not a strict rule. Faith and devotion are ultimately more important than any physical arrangement. Choose what feels right and creates a peaceful space for your prayers.