10 Unique Wooden Handicrafts You Need in Your Home

Wooden Bowls

Showcase the natural beauty of wood with a handcrafted bowl for fruits, keys, or decorative items.

Carved Wall Art

Add warmth and dimension to your walls with a unique piece of carved wooden wall art.

Wooden Sculptures

Introduce a conversation starter and a touch of artistry with a handcrafted wooden sculpture.

Inlaid Trays

Elevate your servingware with a decorative wooden tray featuring inlaid patterns or designs.

Spice Boxes

Keep your kitchen stylish and organized with a handcrafted wooden spice box.

Candle Holders

Create a warm and inviting ambiance with a handcrafted wooden candle holder.


Keep your bookshelves organized and stylish with handcrafted wooden bookends.

Jewelry Boxes

Store your precious treasures in a beautiful and decorative handcrafted wooden jewelry box.

Mobile Phone Stands

Give your phone a designated spot and a touch of rustic charm with a handcrafted wooden phone stand.

Hanging Planters

Add greenery and a touch of nature to your home with handcrafted wooden hanging planters.