10 Unique 3 Star Hotel Corridor Design Ideas 

1. Lighting: – Layer ambient, task, and accent lighting. – Use LED light strips for a modern touch. – Hang statement lighting for drama.

2. Color: – Choose colors that reflect the hotel's theme. – Use contrasting colors for doors and trim. – Paint murals or install artwork.

3. Flooring: – Use patterned tiles for visual interest. – Opt for a carpet with a bold border. – Utilize warm-toned wooden planks.

4. Ceiling: – Leave the ceiling exposed for a rustic look. – Install a coffered ceiling for a classic touch. – Paint geometric patterns for visual interest.

5. Nature: – Install hanging plants or vertical gardens. – Use natural materials like wood, stone, and bamboo. – Maximize natural light

6. Texture: – Use textured wallpaper or fabric wall coverings. – Install 3D wall panels for a unique feature. – Choose rugs and carpets with interesting textures

7. Place: – Display local artwork and artifacts. – Design thematically based on location or brand. – Install interactive elements for local information.

8. Doors: – Choose unique door designs, knockers, and handles. – Use personalized room numbers.

9. Wayfinding: – Design creative and informative signage. – Integrate wayfinding information into murals. – Use lighting to highlight pathways.

10. Budget: – Upcycle and repurpose existing furniture. – Do DIY projects like painting murals. – Shop local for materials and furniture.