10 New Style Dressing Table Designs For 2024

Hollywood Regency: This glam style is all about glitz and glamour. Think mirrored surfaces, crystal accents, and plush velvet upholstery.

Mid-century Modern: This timeless style is characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes, and natural materials like wood and metal.

French Country: This romantic style features soft colors, floral patterns, and distressed finishes

Scandinavian: This minimalist style is all about simplicity, functionality, and natural materials like wood and wicker.

Industrial: This edgy style features exposed metal, reclaimed wood, and distressed finishes.

Bohemian: This eclectic style is all about mixing and matching patterns, textures, and colors.

Art Deco: This bold style is characterized by geometric shapes, zigzags, and rich colors.

Modern Farmhouse: This rustic style features distressed wood, shiplap accents, and galvanized metal hardware.

Glam: This over-the-top style is all about sparkle, shine, and luxury

Minimalist: This pared-down style is all about clean lines, simple shapes, and neutral colors