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What to keep in Mind while buying Room Divider Aarsun

What to keep in Mind while buying Room Divider

Need Room Dividers but not sure which to choose? Confused while selecting the best for your Home? No Worries!! We will help you out!!

Room dividers can be used to separate your living, dining or bedroom space from the rest of your home. Most of the people use dividers to maximize and define their small spaces. Wooden room dividers apart from being classic and stunning, can be a perfect fit for any space. Generally, wood is an affordable material that can be integrated with any design or style, such as traditional or modern, making it easy to fit for your interior decor. Room divider can be easily folded and moved from one to another place.

In today’s homes, a room divider has been an element of decoration & separation purpose. But if you are Confused what best suit your interior? Not to worry. With the help of room dividers, you can decorate and simultaneously separate the home area. The first and foremost thing to consider while buying is the actual area where you need it to be placed. Than you chose the wood material, mostly the room divider made from solid wood such as Sheesham wood, mango wood, MDF (Medium quality fiberboard) and teak wood also.

According to your area:

When you are designing the interior of your home, making it more functional and organizing the space is a challenge faced by all. With a stylish and functional partition screen or room divider, you can effectively divide a large room into subsections and also privatize the area.

  • For large area: Room divider to fit in with its surroundings, it is important to highlight simplicity.
  • For small area: If an apartment is small and you want to save some space, room divider is best suitable for it. Partition Screens take lesser space than actual brick walls and provide a sleek and stylish solution for space division.


When you plan to redecorate your home, you make sure that your ideas are implemented exactly as you need. Making a decision of having a room divider already seems to be a smart move. Now, the hard part is selecting what’s best in terms of quality. There are a number of partitions available in the market but buying quality wood always seems to be a tedious task. Since you’re also paying for good quality material, you need to be sure that your room divider will be suitable for your home interior as well.

Room Dividers usually comes in 3 types of Materials; Mango, Sheesham and Mango + MDF:

Sheesham wood is one of the most widely used wood types for making furniture especially when the unit is hand-carved. Sheesham Wood has a natural texture which provides detail to carving. Indian Rosewood and is used for large furniture due to its durability and strength.durability and strength.

Mango Wood Room Divider


Mango Wood has unique shade which makes it suitable for making vintage style furniture and other handicrafts such as room divider. Also, Mango Wood is lighter than other hardwood which is an excellent quality for making easy to shift Room Dividers.

Mango + MDF Room Divider


Looking for a cheaper option for making partition screen than Mango Wood and need better quality than ply-boards? MDF to the rescue!! Cheaper, lighter, resistant to termites are some of the qualities that MDF possesses and is popular among designers and architects for modern day homes.

Budget: Room Divider is cost effective when compared to permanent brick walls. Also, reconstructing brick wall can be a cumbersome task and is expensive. On the other hand, room divider can be reused and reworked according to your need. Price depends on wood materials used in constructing a room divider.

  • Of all three discussed, no doubt Sheesham wood is the best of the three, however, is a bit expensive. Also, the prices increases considerably with the detailed carving on the surface. If Sheesham is hard on your budget and you still need a fully handcrafted unit, you may go for Mango Wood Room Divider.
  • Mango Wood does not provide strength to the unit like sheesham but can be carved just like sheesham. Mango Wood can be polished to avoid any moisture related issues.
  • Again, if you need something that goes well with modern interiors, you should opt for Mango + MDF Room Dividers. The frame of these room dividers are in Mango Wood while the design is made in MDF that can be cut in whatever design you can think of.


Room divider can be constructed as per your need. You can add or remove as much storage space as you like. Apart from decorating, you will also get good functionality out of your customized partition screen. It is best to go for customized room divider as it can bring necessary amount of design and style to the functionality of any space. You can choose your own size, design and panels of room divider.

When you think of room dividers you probably think their only function is to break up large spaces. Moreover It can add a bit of decoration to a room, but did you know that the can be practical as well as decorative? With a quality, stylish, and functional screen or room divider, you can easily increase the inclusive look to your rooms while making your room more practical.

If you buy Room Divider you can check online, nearby stores and some designer furniture stores. But the chance of finding the same product as per your requirement is not possible without your physical presence. What to do in this situation? It is best to go online for your requirement.

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