Transform Your Home into a  Royal Palace:  Top 10 Interior Design Ideas

Grand Entrance

Make your entry a royal one wih luxurious grand doors to impress your guests

Architectural Accents

Crown molding, corbels, and cornices adds a glorious look and feel at home

Metallic Finishes

Metallic paints and finishes like gold, rose gold and silver gives a royal ambiance

Bold Color Palette

Bold colors like hot red and  royal blue brings a grand and rich theme

Premium Fabrics

Premium fabrics like leatheretee and velvet brings versatility and evergreen look to your place

Textured Patterns

Add texture to your place with these wall frames for depth and maximalism


Opt for crystal Chandeliers or the ones with gilded finishes for a regal touch

Mirrors Everywhere

Nothing adds more depth to a place better than grand mirrors

Throne Room Ambiance

Add throne chairs for a royal reading nook

Dining Fit for a King

Elevate your dining space with luxurious dining chairs