Top 8 Eco-Friendly Wooden Designs for a Soulful Home

Liveedge coffee table

Live-edge coffee table made from a sustainably sourced slab of wood with its natural edges preserved

Reclaimed wood shelving

Reclaimed wood shelving crafted from salvaged beams or pallets, giving a rustic charm while upcycling waste.

Woven wood headboard

Woven wood headboard handwoven from natural fibers like bamboo or rattan, bringing a textural warmth.

Floating wood shelves

Floating wood shelves mounted on the wall with invisible brackets, creating a sleek and minimalist look.

Wooden hanging lampshade

Wooden hanging lampshade crafted from bent wood slats or plywood strips, casting warm and diffused light.

Tree trunk side table

Tree trunk side table made from a repurposed stump or branch, adding a whimsical and earthy touch.

Wooden bathtub tray

Wooden bathtub tray crafted from sustainable wood, allowing you to soak in luxury while enjoying the natural warmth.

Geometric wood wall art

Geometric wood wall art made from reclaimed wood scraps arranged in a modern and eye-catching pattern.