Top 7 Mirror Designs For Your Home

Sunburst Mirror

A sunburst mirror with radiating spokes can be a stunning focal point in any room, especially in entryways or living rooms. It adds a touch of glamour and complements various decor styles.

Geometric Shapes

Experiment with mirrors in different geometric shapes like hexagons, triangles, or irregular polygons. These mirrors can be arranged in a cluster to create an eye-catching and modern display on your wall.

Vintage-Style Mirrors

Antique or vintage-style mirrors with ornate frames can add a touch of timeless elegance to your space. These mirrors work well in traditional or eclectic settings, and they can be placed in bedrooms, bathrooms, or above consoles.

Full-Length Leaning Mirror

A full-length mirror leaning against a wall not only serves a practical purpose for checking your outfit but also creates a sense of space and light. This works particularly well in bedrooms and dressing areas.

Frameless Mirrors

Frameless mirrors provide a minimalist and contemporary look. They are versatile and can fit seamlessly into various decor styles. Consider using them in bathrooms, hallways, or as part of a gallery wall.

Mirrored Furniture

Incorporate mirrors into furniture pieces, such as mirrored dressers, nightstands, or coffee tables. Mirrored furniture reflects light and creates a sense of openness in the room, making it an excellent choice for smaller spaces.

Multi-panel or Windowpane Mirrors

Mirrors designed with multiple panels or sections, resembling windowpanes, can add architectural interest to your space. These mirrors work well in living rooms or dining areas and can create the illusion of additional windows.