Top 7 Lanterns To Decorate Your Home

Moroccan Lanterns 

These lanterns feature intricate metalwork and colorful glass panels. They bring a touch of exoticism and elegance to any room.

Rustic Wooden Lanterns 

Crafted from natural wood with glass panes, rustic lanterns evoke a cozy, countryside feel.

Antique Brass Lanterns 

Antique brass lanterns exude vintage charm and timeless elegance. Their aged patina and intricate detailing make them exquisite focal points in any room.

Asian-Inspired Lanterns 

Lanterns inspired by Asian design, such as Japanese or Chinese lanterns, bring a sense of tranquility and Zen to your home.

Nautical Lanterns 

With their maritime-inspired design, nautical lanterns add a coastal vibe to your home decor.

Glass Jar Lanterns 

Simple yet stylish, glass jar lanterns are versatile decor pieces that suit a variety of interior styles.

Hanging Candle Lanterns 

These lanterns feature a suspended design, allowing them to be hung from hooks or ceiling mounts.