Top 7 interesting facts about Ram Setu

Mythological marvel

The carbon dating of beaches near Dhanushkodi & Mannar Island sync with the date of Ramayan

Maharishi Valmiki

The bridge was first mentioned in Valmiki's Ramayana

Historical significance

Ram Setu is taken as the only archaeological and historical evidence of Ramayana.

Cultural melting pot

The bridge fosters a harmonious blend of Hindu and Islamic traditions, with shrines and mosques dotting its path.

Conservation battleground

Plans to dredge a shipping channel through Ram Setu have sparked heated debates on environmental and cultural concerns.

Unesco recognition

In 2007, UNESCO proposed Ram Setu as a marine biosphere reserve for its ecological significance.

Enduring legacy

Ram Setu continues to inspire awe and devotion, serving as a testament to ancient ingenuity and the enduring power of faith.