top 7 corner decor items for your home

Tall Indoor Plants

A tall and lush indoor plant, such as a fiddle leaf fig or snake plant, can bring life to a corner. Not only do they add a natural element, but they also create a sense of freshness and can act as a focal point.

Corner Shelves

Install corner shelves to display decorative items, books, or small plants. Floating or wall-mounted shelves are great for maximizing space while providing a platform for showcasing your favorite pieces.

Floor Lamps

A stylish floor lamp can illuminate a corner while adding a touch of elegance to the space. Choose a design that complements your overall decor and provides both ambient and task lighting.

Accent Chairs or Reading Nooks

Create a cozy reading nook in a corner by adding a comfortable chair, floor lamp, and a small side table. This not only utilizes the space effectively but also offers a dedicated spot for relaxation.


Placing a large mirror in a corner can visually expand the space and reflect light, making the room appear brighter. Choose a decorative frame that complements your decor style.

Artwork or Wall Decor

Hang artwork or wall decor in the corner to draw attention to the otherwise overlooked space. Consider a gallery wall, an oversized piece of art, or a decorative wall hanging.

Corner Cabinets or Chests

Utilize the corner with a stylish corner cabinet or chest. This not only provides additional storage but also serves as a decorative element. You can display decorative items on top or use it to store essentials.