Top 7 Carved Round Bed For Your Bedroom

Luxury Round Bed

Crafted with premium Teak Wood and designed with elegance, this set is the perfect addition to any bedroom. Its round shape creates a unique and intimate sleeping experience that is both comfortable and stylish.

Royal Round Bed in White and Gold Polish

The Royal Carved Round bed has a crown-shaped headrest with beautiful carving. The backrest features tufted quilting in silk upholstery.

Wooden Round Bed in White Polish

This delightful wooden round bed is the perfect combination of elegance and comfort. It features a light pink upholstered, curved headboard that spans half of the bed.

Round Bed with Stylish Grey Fabric

Aarsun brings you a beautifully carved round bed. The bed has garland carving on top of the heardboard and tufted fabric which makes this a royal set.

Luxurious Round Bed

The Luxurious carved Round Bed, manufactured by skilled artisans in brown color. The most attractive part of the set is the stylish basket design in the footboard and the tufted headboard.

Royal Carved Round Bed

Designed and crafted in India, these units are made by artisans with years of experience in woodworking, Everything is done by hand – the drawing, cutting, carving and polishing, and quilting.

Royal Round Bed

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