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Top 7 Best Teak Diwan Bed for Home 2024

Teak Maharaja Diwan Bed

Exuding royalty with its intricate carvings and regal design, this teak maharaja diwan bed is a showstopper for any traditional Indian bedroom.

Modern Minimalist Teak Diwan Bed

With clean lines and a sleek finish, this modern minimalist teak diwan bed blends seamlessly into contemporary decors.

Carved Teak Diwan Bed with Upholstered Mattress

Combining the beauty of carved teak with the comfort of an upholstered mattress, this diwan bed is a luxurious and inviting choice for any bedroom.

Teak Daybed with Trundle Drawer

This teak daybed features a pull-out trundle drawer that can be used as an extra bed or for storage, making it a functional and stylish solution.

Platform Teak Diwan Bed with Canopy

Create a dreamy and romantic atmosphere with this platform teak diwan bed that comes complete with a flowing canopy.

Folding Teak Diwan Bed

This versatile teak diwan bed folds into a compact size, making it ideal for guest rooms or apartments where space is at a premium.

Outdoor Teak Diwan Bed

Enjoy the outdoors in style with this weather-resistant teak diwan bed, perfect for relaxing on a patio or deck.