Top 10 Bedroom Wall Trends in Cozy Quarters

Accent Walls

Creating a focal point with a bold or textured wall can add depth and interest to the bedroom.


Wallpaper with unique patterns, textures, or murals can be used to make a statement and personalize the space.

Soft Color Palettes

Soft and calming colors like pastels, muted blues, and greens were popular for creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Gallery Walls

Arranging a collection of art, photographs, or other wall décor in a gallery style adds a personal touch to the bedroom.

Textured Wall Finishes

Incorporating textured finishes like wood paneling, shiplap, or textured paint can add warmth and dimension.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns, whether in the form of wall decals, paint designs, or wallpaper, were a contemporary choice for a modern look.

Dark Accent Colors

Using dark, rich accent colors on one or more walls can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere.