Top 10 wooden statue ideas to decorate your living room

Abstract Geometric Sculpture

Add a modern touch with sleek lines and contrasting wood tones.

Hand-Carved Animal Family

Introduce warmth and a sense of connection with a heartwarming tableau.

Rustic Tree Wall Hanging

Bring the outdoors in with a natural, textured piece that speaks to your love of nature.

Minimalist Buddha Bust

Cultivate a sense of zen with a clean-lined, peaceful figure.

Modern Lamp

Illuminate your space with a sculptural lamp that doubles as art.

Stacked Wooden Spheres

Play with geometric shapes and textures for a visually dynamic conversation starter.

Wavy Wall Art

Embrace movement and organic forms with a flowing wooden creation.

Hanging Wooden Mobile

Add a touch of whimsy and visual interest with a mobile that dances in the breeze.

Antique Architectural Salvage

Upcycle a piece of history with a unique, conversation-worthy treasure.

Family Silhouette

Celebrate your loved ones with a heartwarming wooden cut-out portrait.