Top 8 Trendy Modern Side Tables for Living Room

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Elevate your space with the sleek lines and natural beauty of a white marble side table.

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Sculpted Marble Masterpiece


A black metal side table with built-in storage compartments adds edgy style and keeps clutter at bay.

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Industrial Chic Meets Functionality


Bring a touch of organic warmth with a mid-century modern side table in rich walnut or oak.

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Warm Wood Wonder


Capture the light and create an illusion of spaciousness with a tempered glass side table.

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Glassy Glam


Maximize your living room with a set of nesting side tables that tuck neatly under each other when not in use.

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Nesting Nook


Play with mixed materials like woven rattan, metallic accents, and a wooden base for a visually interesting side table.

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Textural Trio


Make a statement with a side table featuring bold geometric shapes like triangles, squares, or circles.

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Geometric Gem


Surprise and intrigue with a unique side table shaped like a tree stump, animal figure, or vintage globe.

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Unexpected Delight