top 10 lighting design for your living room decor


– Opt for a statement chandelier that complements your overall decor theme. – Consider modern or vintage designs based on your style preferences.

Pendant Lights

– Hang a cluster of pendant lights at varying heights for a contemporary look. – Choose materials and shapes that complement your furniture and color scheme.

Floor Lamps

– Select a stylish floor lamp to add both ambient and task lighting. – Adjustable or arc floor lamps work well to highlight specific areas.

Table Lamps

– Place decorative table lamps on side tables or consoles. – Experiment with different lampshade shapes and materials.

Wall Sconces

– Install wall sconces to save space and create an elegant ambiance. – Use them to highlight artwork or architectural features.

Recessed Lighting

– Install recessed lights strategically for overall ambient lighting. – Consider dimmers to adjust the intensity based on different occasions.

LED Strips

– Use LED strips for subtle, contemporary accent lighting. – Install them behind furniture or along architectural features for a modern touch.

Cove Lighting

– Illuminate the ceiling perimeter with cove lighting for a soft, indirect glow. – This adds a touch of sophistication to the overall room design.

Track Lighting

– Install track lighting to highlight specific areas or artworks. – Adjustable heads allow you to direct light where needed.

Natural Light Enhancement

– Maximize natural light with well-chosen window treatments. – Consider mirrors strategically placed to reflect and amplify natural light.