Stunning Brass Statue Designs to Enhance Your Home Decor

Tranquil Brass Buddha Figurine 

Aarsun's is a meticulously crafted brass Buddha statue for home decor, promoting tranquility and enlightenment.

Sacred Brass Lord Krishna Sculpture 

A beautiful Krishna idol in polished brass, ideal for worship or home decoration

Divine Union Brass Radha Krishna Sculpture 

Aarsun's Brass Radha Krishna Statue BS-004 embodies eternal love and divine grace in a captivating masterpiece

Divine Durga Sherawali Mata Sculpture 

Dwell in the protective aura of Durga Sherawali Mata with Aarsun's brass statue

Divine Saraswati Idol in Brass 

Aarsun's Devi Saraswati Brass Statue brings wisdom, music, and artistic inspiration to your home

Tranquil Buddha Head Sculpture in Brass 

Aarsun's Buddha head statue in brass offers serenity and spiritual connection for your home

Sacred Brass Lord Ganapati Sculpture 

Aarsun's depicts Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, in exquisite brass for prosperity and blessings in your home