Maharashtra Day 2024: Famous Street Food of The State

Vada Pav: This iconic dish is a vegetarian potato patty (vada) nestled inside a soft bread roll (pav). It's typically served with a spicy green chutney and red chili chutney for an explosion of flavor. 

Misal Pav: A spicy lentil curry (misal) served with a pav, chopped onions, tomatoes, and coriander.  Sometimes you'll also find farsan (a crunchy fried snack) added on top. 

Pav Bhaji: A thick vegetable curry with buttered pavs.  The curry is a delicious mix of mashed vegetables, spices, and herbs. 

Bhel Puri: A puffed rice salad with chopped vegetables, onions, chutneys, and sev (thin fried noodles made from gram flour). 

Pani Puri: A hollow puri (a small, deep-fried bread) filled with a potato and chickpea filling, chutneys, and water. 

Ragda Patties: A chickpea patty served in a gravy made with lentils and vegetables. 

Kanda Bhaji: A crispy fritter made with onions, gram flour, and spices.

Sabudana Vada:  A crispy fritter made with tapioca pearls (sabudana). These are especially popular during fasting periods. 

Dabeli: A spicy potato patty stuffed into a bun and drizzled with a sweet and tangy chutney.  This is a specialty from Gujarat, but can be found in many parts of Maharashtra. 

Frankie: A rolled roti (flatbread) filled with various ingredients like chicken, mutton, or vegetables.   This is a newer addition to Maharashtrian street food, but has become quite popular.