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Go Offroading To These 10 Offbeat Destinations Near Delhi

Bhangarh Fort 

This is a haunted fort located in Alwar, Rajasthan .If you're looking for an offbeat and spooky adventure, then Bhangarh Fort is definitely worth visiting. 

Siliserh Lake Palace 

This is a beautiful palace located on the banks of Siliserh Lake, around 120 kilometers from Delhi.  


Neemrana is a small town located in Rajasthan, around 120 kilometers from Delhi. You can go for a drive through the countryside and explore the offbeat destinations .

Mughal Road 

This historic route, originally built by the Mughals.Delhi in Haryana offers an offbeat adventure. 

Tijara Fort 

This 18th-century fort, located around 100 kilometers from Delhi in Alwar, Rajasthan, making it a perfect spot for off-roading enthusiasts. 

Mehrauli Park 

This park in South Delhi boasts of various historical monuments and ruins. While not exactly for hardcore offroading, a drive through the park's.


Alwar is a beautiful city located in Rajasthan, around 150 kilometers from Delhi. It is known for its forts, palaces, and lakes. You can go for a drive through the Aravalli Hills.