Exploring 7 Different Types Of Dining Table

Rectangular Table

The most popular choice, rectangular tables offer plenty of seating capacity and can fit well in a variety of dining room shapes.  

Square Table

Square tables provide intimate dining for four people and create a more conversational atmosphere. They're a good option for smaller dining rooms or kitchens.  

Round Table

Round tables promote conversation and equality among diners, as there's no head of the table. They're also ideal for small spaces as they don't have any corners.  

Oval Table

Oval tables offer the benefits of both rectangular and round tables. They provide plenty of seating capacity like a rectangular table, but with a softer look and feel like a round table. 

Drop-Leaf Table

A space-saving option, drop-leaf tables have leaves that can be folded down when not in use. They're perfect for small apartments or studios. 

Extendable Table

Extendable tables offer the best of both worlds: a compact size for everyday use and the ability to expand to seat more people when needed.

Counter-Height Table

Counter-height tables are a great option for casual dining or kitchens that don't have a designated dining space. They can also be used as a breakfast nook or bar area.