Explore 7 Different Marble Top Dining Table 

Modern Minimalist

A sleek white marble top paired with a chrome or brass base creates a clean and contemporary look. 

Warm Wood and Marble

A combination of warm wood and marble creates a sophisticated and inviting look.

Vintage Glam

A white or Carrara marble top with a pedestal base adds a touch of vintage glamour to your dining room. This table is perfect for those who love a classic look.  

Bold and Dramatic

A black marble top with a gold or brass base creates a bold and dramatic statement. This table is perfect for those who want a show-stopping centerpiece for their dining room.

Organic Shape

A marble top with an organic shape, such as a rounded edge or oval shape, adds a touch of softness to your dining space.  

Extendable Table

A marble top dining table that extends is a great option for those who love to host. This table can be used for everyday meals and then extended for larger gatherings.   

Round Table

A round marble top dining table is a great option for smaller spaces or for creating a more intimate dining experience.