Bollywood Bathroom Design: 7 Themes to Make Your Space Shine

Taj Mahal Grandeur

Jewels, gold, mosaics - recreate Mughal opulence.

Mehndi Romance

Delicate tile patterns, soft hues, carved wood, flowers - a fragrant heaven.

Masala Movie Magic

Playful colors, stripes, quirky furniture, movie memorabilia - Bollywood fun.

Zen Spa in the Himalayas

Natural stone, water features, earthy tones - serene escape.

Disco Fever

Mirrors, metallics, geometric tiles, disco balls - retro groove.

Rajasthani Royalty

Murals, stained glass, vibrant tiles, brass fixtures - opulent retreat.

Ayurvedic Oasis

Natural materials, calming colors, steam room, herbal oils - wellness heaven.